Why Choose Sun City Granite?

Experience, Quality, and Service

EXPERIENCE: In 1991 Sun City Granite opened it’s doors for business. With over 20 years of manufacturing experience, we have an excellent understanding of the products we offer as well as our customers needs.



Sun City Granite offers a superior product at a competitive price. We use only premium granite and our expert staff ensures the best product from design to engraving.



Sun City Granite has the most reliable service in the industry. Our helpful staff and online tracking system makes ordering easy. When you place an order, our online system lets you see that we have received your order and the progress it makes from the date of order to delivery. For standard memorials, our delivery is consistently within four weeks.



Let our staff help you help your families create a beautiful lasting memorial with ease. We will take the hassle out of selling memorials and help you wrap up every sale effortlessly.


Here is just a sample of our work...

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