Designing your Headstone Memorial

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We have hundreds of designs, and separate design elements, for you to select from. This allows families to create a fitting design by simply mixing and matching designs and emblems. However, keep in mind that we are a custom monument company and can do virtually anything you want when it comes to artwork. Please visit our photo gallery to see some of our custom, and traditional, memorials. In the end… we want you to tell your loved ones story..


As you consider your memorial design there are four basic decisions to keep in mind; layout, lettering, carving style and what artwork you want.




When selecting the layout or placement of lettering, and artwork, keep in mind that your memorial starts as a blank canvas… we suggest that the first thing your eyes should be drawn to is the name, then the dates, and finally the artwork and epitaphs.


Lettering And Engraving


There are two items to consider with lettering:

1.) Type of engraving

2.) Font

Engraving Styles

Standard Engraving – 1/16″ inch deep engraved into a polished field. This gives the best appearance in most granite colors and is easiest to maintain.

********Carved In Polished is Our Standard Engraving Works well on all colors ********

Deep Cut in Sanded Panel (an area where the    polish has been removed) are the easiest to read  and work well on all  light colors.

Raised Polished ( Is where the  polished is removed and the Lettering is left polished)

Extra Deep Engraving  (Is our standard engraving but just deeper)

Headstones epitaphs and verses

An Epitaph is a short text in commemoration of a deceased person that is engraved on a gravestone or plaque. Some Epitaphs are specified by the person before their departure, others are chosen by those closest to them. Most Memorial Verses are in remembrance and recognition of the persons family life and career, often with an expression of love & respect. Some of the most famous Epitaphs are from the Bible.

The Links below will Give you some ideas of Verses for your headstone


 English Headstone Epitaphs & Verses


Spanish Headstone Epitaphs & Verses


Here is just a sample of our work...

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