Our Advice for Headstone Selection

How do I order a headstone?

We understand that ordering a memorial headstone is not something people do all the time, so our aims is to make the process easy and stress free for you.

Call Sun City Granite for some free advice on selecting a memorial headstone

Our experienced team will ask you which cemetery the headstone is to go to, along with the name of the deceased. We will also find out if there are any council bylaws applying to the cemetery and area where the headstone is to be installed, as some cemeteries will have a restriction on the size of a headstone or plaque and sometimes even the design. In most public and private cemeteries  as long as we stay adhere to the the size requirements, we are usually able to install any headstone design you like.

Considerations when ordering a headstone

How long will my headstone take to make?

We are also able to produce a high quality memorial for you in less than a week if necessary. Please note that custom memorial headstones will take longer to produce — up to 10 weeks and sometimes slightly longer. The normal time-frame for a headstone we have in stock is 3 to 4 weeks.

Deciding on an inscription

If you are having trouble with the inscription, call our staff at Sun City Granite to discuss layout options.  We have an experienced team who are adept at helping out with what wording to put on the headstone, the best way to lay the text out, what graphics would complement the wording and any other questions you may have. A ceramic-porcelain photograph or a graphic image tells a story of your family member and is a lovely way to remember them by.

Draft headstone designs

Once you have decided on a headstone design and your wording, our graphic artists will produce for you a draft layout of what the headstone will look like with your inscription. Obviously, this is only a draft and making changes is a common and expected part of the process.

When the draft is finished and signed off, the headstone will be produced and made ready for installation.